La Bodega is a restaurant like no other, offering panoramic views of the Waterfront canal which often hosts a beehive of activities during the weekends, the cozy authentic character of La Bodega makes an evening memorable.

The menu is inspired by the founder’s years of dining experience and culinary journeys throughout Spain, the interior is a restaurant+bar+lounge hybrid and the size is relatively small but intimate; so when you want to get decked up, wear your highest heels, listen to great music, and (most importantly) be treated to phenomenal people-watching then this is where you’d like to be. Might get a little loud later in the evenings, so if you’re with older people who complain about loud restaurants, go early.

The burgers are some of the best I have had and their curated of Spanish wine is superb.Because La Bodega also has a wide selection of children’s meals, it is a pleasure for families to eat together: order tapas, little gem salad, fillet pascado and more..