The Talisman Restaurant situated in an old house in Karen was originally occupied by the famous wildlife photographer and author Alan Root in his youth. Talisman was created by Ian and Charlie Cameron as a small family and friendly kitchen restaurant.

Stuart Herd and Satyan Patel took over The Talisman in 2012 with a promise to maintain it’s values. The Talisman has since grown into arguably the best restaurant in the country.

Value for the environment is part of the most important cultures at Talisman. Evident from the ambience and the look of the restaurant itself.

We are 100% plastic free zone, maintaining an organic garden that supplies some of our fresh produce. All our vendors are vetted and we conduct hygiene tests on supplier products. We use Bamboo straws and all our water bottles are recyclable. Our partners – Takataka solutions ensure that our waste management is done in the highest of standards.

Welcome to The Talisman for your best dining Experience.