Who Are We

Adventure Farm is much more that “just” a family of organic ,sustainable farm. Our farm has become family gathering points, offering tours, farm market, a farm- to- table restaurant , a shop and much more. Apart from producing a big variety of crops , Adventure farm also houses several types of animals – rabbits, geese, pigs,sheeps and cows – to provide the farm with manure and products , as well as make good use of garden waste. We produce our own organic fertilizers, harvest our own seeds and continually enhance the bio – diversity – flora and fauna on the farm . We have water catchment systems to make the most of the water we use , and we work to find productive avenues for the waste we create.

Around the farm, we have designed food forests, with dozens of different food – packaging and medicinal plants that operate largely as a self- sustaining ecosystem , from which we can harvest or leave to simply grow wild. These ” forests” increase the farm’s biodiversity , yield low – maintenance produce for us to sell, provide habitats for beneficial animals, and make the space much more beautiful than the average farm.

Please visit our farm to learn more about what we do! ‚Äč