The village also includes an art residency, and event areas for hire. The centre has over 450 workers and welcomes thousands of visitors each month looking for an eccentric shopping experience.Karen Villagers are artists, social entrepreneurs, painters, glass artists, artisans, framers, sculptors, fashion designers, lecturers, animators, music producers, theater companies, art galleries, recycling artists, tour operators, event agencies and digital artists.

The Art Residency

The Art Residency has 12 rooms situated on two floors and each simple suite has an entry hall, 2 double beds or a 1 double bed with mosquito nets and attached ensuite bathroom with shower. It is designed to be place where artists and guests can relax and be inspired, to watch, learn, explore, have fun, work and share that with their world. Imagine taking a sabbatical stay at Karen Village and taking an artists studio, networking and learning with other artists.

Artisan Shops

As a leading art, culture and innovation hub, the village hosts a variety of workshops and studios for talented Kenyan alongside international artists where you can see them live at the creation of wonderful pieces telling you their stories, multiple market spaces for authentic heritage and craft gifts at their sources. Thousands of school children visit the centre to learn about arts and culture every year.

African Creative Centre

It is a fun creative and innovative space of 30 rooms, hosting digital marketers, animation studios,digital content producers, Undungu and Made 51 social enterprises, ​music and video production studios, and travel companies. The space also has a fantastic open central area perfect for open air events including the regular craft festival. The space encourages entrepreneurial growth and networking where tenants and their guests have plenty of opportunity to network and have fun whilst playing football on the field, participating in regular events, eating or drinking in the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, surrounded by green landscaped space.

What’s More?

Along with our new sport and recreational activities, we have plenty of parking, good broadband facilities, plus children are welcome to play in the playground or attend workshops alone or with their schools.

If you are looking for a serene location where you can explore with ease and at your own pace and is devoid of constant nagging-haggling in shopping centres and other markets, then Karen Village should be on top of your list.