Tea has always been Kenya’s most popular beverage; but in the Karen neighborhood, coffee is gaining ground and becoming more and more popular. There’s a silent battle going on, which can only be good for the consumers, where every coffee outlet is constantly trying to produce better & tastier coffee using state-of-the-art roasting, blending and brewing machines.

  • Saab Cafe
  • Point Zero Coffee
  • Tin Roof Cafe
  • Matbronze Cafe
  • Branzino Coffee

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Saab Bakery

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Karen’s coffee scene is growing vibrant each day, influenced by western cultures and the growing number affluent and increasingly well-travelled populous predisposed to the coffee cultures around the globe. We put together this guide to help you discover our Top 5 Places around Karen where you can grab a cup of delicious coffee and a quick bite. Whether you’re a tourist looking for a pick-me-up in between visiting museums, a local out shopping or a busy professional who needs some extra fuel to keep the productivity train rolling, this article is for you