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Heaven is neither when we die nor when a loud voice echos the world over announcing the end of times. Heaven is now, and that I am sure of.

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I need to get out of my house; I’m stifled creatively and need inspiration. I decided to hunker down with my computer and attempt to work out what I’m doing with my life. I head for my usual haunts, Artcaffe in The Hub, Newscafé at Hardy Post but I’m uninspired. I need a chance of scene, then I hit upon the idea of The Waterfront.

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Karen, beloved Karen, populated by trees, wild animals and a ton of inebriated expats. Hey! You know all those bored housewives gotta do something. Petite, innocuous, on the edge of town, Karen is packed full of bars and restaurants, some well known and some a local secret. So where are the best bars in Karen?

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At first glance its hard to figure out what to do with your kids in Karen and Langata once you’ve done the tourist trail of Elephants and Giraffes, but scratch the surface and you may be pleasantly surprised. Remember though that this is Africa and therefore is less about organised play and more about encouraging children to roam free and roam wild.

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Giraffe Centre is one of the top tourist attractions for visitors to Nairobi. Don't miss the opportunity to spend time with these wild giraffe. As well as a chance to learn all about giraffes in Africa, you will get the chance to feed a giraffe by hand and if you are lucky. Even kiss one.

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"I'm starting a little clothing business; the idea came to me from my love of all things hippie, colourful, sparkly and, of course, comfortable. I looked at some of the gorgeous Kenyan fabrics, the Indian cotton, the beads and shells and rainbow brights and thought, ‘why buy off the shelf, why not make some things myself?’

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