The newest Artcaffe to the group is located at the entrance of Karen’s The Hub shopping mall. One of the largest restaurants in the ArtCaffe portfolio, Hub has its own stylish look and feel, soft lighting, a central bar and outside area. As well as the full Artcaffe menu, you can also order from the Urban Gourmet Burger menu here.

Artcaffe is a full service bakery, coffee shop, bar and casual dining restaurant,open daily from 7am to midnight that targets customers of all ages who care about quality, ambience, community and value for money in the products they consume and their experience.We freshly bake artisanal bread and pastries, we brew real Kenyan coffee, craft signature cocktails and lead the way in modern casual dining in Kenya. Under the Artcaffe group we operate five different Kenyan brands with over 20 locations across the capital city of Nairobi.

Each part of the city has its own unique demographic and our restaurants reflect this through their own style, premium offers and events calendars.