Owned and operated by Khadija, a mum of 2; Khadija understands the challenges that come with raising children and you can be sure she will be able to anticipate your needs and meet them. She deal in all kinds of baby products i.e. baby diapers, baby clothes, weaning items, toddler clothes, baby teethers, baby care products such as head to toe shampoos, eczema creams, diaper rash creams, toothpastes, toothbrushes, swimming diapers, baby food and lots lots more.

Nothing beats a touch of personal service in business. We are a good hack for new mothers and families seeking to acquire the much needed baby essentials and equipment including but not limited to: Maternity pads Sanitary towels Hand soap Baby nappies Baby soap Baby wipes Baby shampoo Mum shampoo Others include: clothing, toys and toiletries.